Just tried to access Craigslist in Costa Rica and got a message about “digital gangster for life.” Naturally when a huge site like Craigslist goes down, it has to make news somewhere so I did a Google search for “digital gangster for life” and see that CL seems to be down or performing weird all over the world.

So, someone hacked CL.  I imagine CL has some pretty thorough security measures and a team of security personnel.  (maybe they still have their jobs)  However, hacks like these are so interesting to me.

While I don’t really understand the benefit to getting into CL’s servers because there isn’t a whole lot of private information that users give, I do think that there are some seriously talented computer people in the world.  But what benefit is it to hack a huge site? Is it to get fame?

I am guessing that there are laws on the books that will be applied to the person or people responsible for this and I am also sure that with those laws, there could be jail sentences involved, so why do it?

The crime of hacking company, bank and government computers can carry some huge penalties. Even some of the greatest hackers in history have been caught – http://list25.com/25-most-notorious-hackers-to-ever-get-caught/

So, while it is intriguing to see if you can do it the question becomes why? There simply isn’t enough money in the world to make me want to go to jail, possibly for years.