Getting your Pinterest boards to rank on Google in the search results is very important to any website marketing strategy. You see, Google LOVES Pinterest.  Google’s search engine gives a lot of weight to Pinterest images so it is important to think in terms of putting your images onto Pinterest and ranking them.

I have put together a little tutorial on getting your Pinterest boards to rank on Google and how best to convert some of that traffic. Below are the steps that I use when creating boards with the specific purpose of ranking well in the SERPs.

Step 1 – Create images with a call to action

An image with a call to action is one with some text on it that helps get one of your Pinterest board visitors to take the next step and click through to your website.  I put this as step one for two reasons:

  • Most of your competitors aren’t doing it –  This step takes a couple of minutes, but hear me out. If you arbitrarily put images onto Pinterest and hope for the best, it would be similar to a photographer closing her eyes and firing away on their camera trying to get the best photos.A much better approach to marketing is to ask yourself “what do I want a person seeing this image to do?”  Do you want them to click the image, contact you, or make an appointment?  Then ask them to do that on your photo.By deciding FIRST what you’re aiming for, you can best target the sector of Google searchers that you want to target. This will also help you define the keywords you want to win for.
  • You want to create the call to action image PRIOR to adding keywords – Often, when creating a call to action image, you can inadvertantly erase any keywords you’ve added to the image.  So, I say create the CTA image first, then move on to the later steps.

What does a call to action image look like?  Here is an image I created very quickly that has a call to action on it.

Call To Action Image


For creating Call To Action images, I avoid Photoshop because I am a bit lazy and don’t want to open it. I have found a very simple service that allows you to use your own image and logo and let’s you easily move text.  Here is the link –

Step 2 – Embed Keywords into your Images

You will want to embed keywords into your images before you upload them to Pinterest. Pinterest’s algorithm will read your keywords and transfer them to Google. That is great news!

  1. Embed keywords in your images
    *name your image first.
    *Right click properties – Put keywords on the properties
    *Give yourself a rating
    *Put an article in the “comments” Up to 500 words

Step 3 – Use Google to find keywords and name your boards

By opening Google and entering your main keyword and then putting the following question words in front of the keyword, you can find some great names for your Pinterest boards to help get them ranked.

*What, Why, When, How? Put those questions before your keyword using google search

Step 4 – Be sure that images that you own direct visitors to YOUR website.

Uploading images to Pinterest is great, but if you don’t attach your URL to the image, you’re gonna miss out on the traffic you’re seeking to generate. Be sure to attach a URL to each image (that you own).  Also, be sure to make good use of the Pinterest description where you can put up to 160 words.

Step 5 – Find high PR boards and comment

You will want to use the following search command to find the best Pinterest boards to comment on – keyword (replace the word “keyword” with the word you want to rank for)