Why you need reviews

Just over 85% of customers read online reviews before making a buying decision. How do your reviews look? Are they stellar, 5-star reviews? Do you have a lot of them? Bottom line: Do your reviews help sell your service?


Reviews are the new word-of-mouth

Let me set this up for you. A customer goes out to find a service. Let’s say they need a photographer. They do a search on Google. When they search they see a search engine results page.  We call them SERPs.  It looks something like the below image. Without knowing anything about these photographers? Which ones would you be interested in? Which ones stand out to you?


Reviews make you stand out in the crowd

Services with five-star reviews stand out better to me. I would be more interested in those that have multiple reviews than the couple who don’t. I do the very same thing on Amazon when buying a product. I read reviews.


Look at the statistic above. Over 70% of consumers trust reviewed businesses more. Now do you believe that reviews are important? If you’re not convinced, the read the top part again. Since last year, these stats have increased a great deal. With our mobile society, most people move around. People move city to city and state to state.  Often, they don’t have friends that have used a plumber or dentist before. They use the web as a trusted friend. Traditional word of mouth is losing ground to web based reviews.

What NOT to do!

Here is a short list of things you should NOT do when gathering reviews for your company.

  • Don’t get fake reviews – Fake reviews can be spotted from miles away.
  • Don’t put off asking for reviews from clients
  • Don’t post a bunch of reviews then stop!
  • Don’t review yourself
  • Don’t hire someone who will post a bunch of fake reviews – Yelp and Google have very advanced filters that will sniff out the fakes

How to get great, honest reviews

Getting great reviews for your company is time consuming. However, it is extremely important. Below I will detail the steps we take to get great reviews for our clients.

1. Start with Great Service

The backbone of great reviews is great service.  If you’re not providing the very best possible products and service before and after the sale, then you’re probably not going to get great reviews. When we take on a new client, we check their current reviews and feedback. If it is negative, we will ask that they change the way they handle customer service prior to taking them as a client.

2. Monitor, Gather and Promote reviews

  • Monitor – There are some simple tools that you can use to monitor yourself on the web. While not the focus of this post, you should have a simple checklist and monitoring system for monitoring your reviews. We have developed a great system for monitoring reviews.
  • Gather – You need to have a plan in place for gathering reviews. Gathering reviews involves contacting clients and asking them for their feedback. We completely automate this process for our clients.
  • Promote – Once you get a great review, share it with the world. This can be as simple as sharing it on Facebook or Twitter or both. Promoting kind words can go a long way to convincing others to do business with you.

3. What about negatives?

You will get negative feedback. It is inevitable because you can’t and won’t make everyone happy. What happens if one of those clients rants on the web? You will have very little chance of getting that review off the web. It is nearly impossible. What we do for our clients is ask for the feedback and receive it PRIOR to them putting it on the web. With feedback received, we can address it without it hitting the world wide web. We would love to show you our system for corralling the negatives and stopping them from going public. Plus, it gives you a chance to provide excellent customer service.

4. Automate

Our systems make it easy for you the business owner and for your customers. We automate much of the process so that your customers have a very easy time putting their five-star reviews online (where they should be). We’ve developed a system that truly makes the processes of monitoring, gathering and promoting your reviews easy.  Contact us today for a free demonstration of our review system.