Google made a very big announcement on their blog in February.  Have a mobile friendly site, or get penalized in their search results. On April 21st, Google will roll out it’s latest algorithm update to reward sites that are mobile friendly and penalize those that aren’t.  What this means is that sites that aren’t mobile friendly will take a huge hit in the biggest search engine’s search results.

There will also be embedded indicators in the search results telling surfers of sites that don’t meet their criteria. Google will be “warning” people that sites won’t work well on their devices before the click even happens.

How do you know if your site is mobile friendly?

Google has given us every tool we need to find out.  The quickest way is with the Google Mobile Friendly Tool.  Simply enter your URL and get instant feedback on how the Google bot sees your website.

If you have issues with mobile as indicated by this test, contact us immediately.  We can help.