Remember Adam Smith? He’s the guy who went through the Chick-fil-A drive through only ordering water so that he could give the drive through employee a piece of his mind about the company’s stance on gay marriage.  He recorded the encounter and posted it to his YouTube account and the video went viral. Here is the video if you need a reminder or haven’t seen it –

By the time he’d returned to work where he was the CFO of Vante, a Tuscon-based medical device manufacturer, the higher ups had already terminated him. He was, at the time, making $200,000 annually and had about a million dollars worth of stock options. Losing that job, he took a job with another company, but they quickly released him realizing who he was.

Today, just three years after his rant on the employee at Chick-fil-A, Adam Smith is on food stamps and cannot find a job.  He and his wife and four children live in an RV. (source)

Online Reputations Matter

Adam Smith illustrates exactly what we preach here at Smart Cabbage — Online Reputations matter.  They matter more today than ever before and the amount of information that is out there online is a bit scary. Unless you’re gonna live your life in a hole, you might as well face it that the web can and will make a difference on how you’re perceived.

Mr. Smith made a poor choice and it is easy for many to sit on the sidelines and call him an idiot.  But how many poor choices have you made? Have you ever spoken to one of your customers impolitely? Have you delivered a product or service that was less than your best because you were tired or just didn’t have it in you to perform? I think that we look at Mr. Smith’s extreme example and we can easily write it off as “that would never happen to me or my business.” Yet, every day, customers are leaving reviews about their experiences with businesses and it is having a profound effect on our businesses.

Online Reviews Matter a Lot

Consider the above infographic. Only a one-star difference in rating can mean a 20% decrease or increase in sales. One star. Are you and your employees doing everything possible to make sure you keep your five-star rating? Do you have poor reviews that are out there about you that you’d love to see changed, removed or buried? Contact us. We may be able to turn the tide on your online reputation and bring you more customers.